Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

My mom's birthday is close to mother's day, so we kicked off mother's day eve be getting pictures taken of the "cousins" for my mom's birthday present. This is my sister in the mall with 6 kids right after we got pictures taken. I think she is AMAZING to be able to handle 5 kids ALL THE TIME!(She home schools) but she can do 6... I dont know how she will handle them all when I have more kids for her to help me with.

On mother's day itself Andy made me muffins, got Elias dressed, and arranged for me to go out to dinner with the local mother's in my family. I convinced them all to go to a Somali restaurant to try something new.

Mother's day in Mexico is on May 10th. At the mommy group at the Spanish Church, we threw a mother's day party on May 10th.

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