Monday, May 16, 2011


We are working hard on our house trying to get it completed and safe enough to have people in it for Eli's first birthday... so after working all day we went out to eat at Red Robin, and then stopped by home depot before coming home to work more. Elias found a stray shopping cart, and knew what needed to be done with it.

last week Elias and I went to the lilac gardens and tulip festival with our friends Aksel and Denee!

yes, this is a typical picture of Elias when I set him down, take out my camera, and walk away....


Michelle in Parkton said...

His hair is getting so blond. Any its giving him a bit of a 'mad scientist' look, in the best possible way.

heidi said...

yes, ;) andy had white hair when he was little, so if it turns white, we know who that came from.