Sunday, February 27, 2011


Each morning, as we wake up and journey down the stairs, we find a big window to the world.
Most mornings Elias and I stop, look outside, and tell the world good morning. Some days it's raining, some day it's sunny, some days there are lots of cars, others the street is empty. This week we even looked out at snow for a few days.

Most often Elias immediately focuses his attention the window lock and plays with it, he ignores everything else while I look outside, check the weather and just look down the street at the neighborhood. I point to cats, dogs, or trees and try and get Eli to look beyond the window and see the bigger picture. There is a WHOLE world out there. Elias is happy and interested in the simple window lock. He's not seeing what I want him to see, there is so much more that he could look at and enjoy!
Then I think about how we are often like this with God. I feel like God holds me up to a window to let me see something from his perspective, and I just see the lock on the window.
OR - maybe Elias is the right one. Maybe I need to stop looking past the small wonders right in front of me. Maybe I need to shift my perspective and simply enjoy the window locks.

I suppose it's all a balance.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prayer Needed

Please take a second and pray for my aunt Lorna (red sweater), she's in the hospital (ICU)
Apparently she fell over backwards and hit her head.
This is the update from my cousin:
Update: Moms still in ICU I imagine she will be there at least until tomorrow. Hematoma showed no change between CT #2 adn CT#3, so that's good. Waiting to hear results for CT#3. She seems more coherent today, but still kinda out of it. Thanks for the prayers!

How did I get the cutest little boy in the world?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sweet thirty-one

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to everyone and all the nice birthday wishes!
The morning started started by taking Elias up to Vancouver to spend the morning with grandma and 2 cousins while I got to go to the gym! Going to the gym without being in a huge hurry was a special treat for me, I went to one of the exercise classes. Today, however, I am either feeling it, or my old age.
Mo and Jaime took me out to Somali food at the new Somali restaurant near my house!Then- I went to my Spanish mommy group - I love going, hopefully it will help me retain Spanish. It is also very encouraging; I have learned a lot about parenting from the other women there! I regularly thank God for this group. (as well as for my friends in the picture above)

Lastly, Andy came home and brought me beautiful flowers, and then he was going to take me out to dinner, but we somehow got side tracked in IKEA ;-) . There is soooo much in there and its so big. Before we knew it, it got late and I wanted to get Elias to bed since he had decided to stay up and celebrate with me rather than take his afternoon naps.
oh, by the way,... IKEA is going to take over the world. I'm positive.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girls lunch!

Our small group from church started meeting shortly after Andy and I got married, about 3 years ago, we started talking about raising families together. Of course, it is impossible to plan that and make it really happen. God has blessed us, and all that talk is now becoming reality. We got together for lunch last Thursday, and took the boys on a little walk. Elias and Aksel are starting to interact more, they pat each other on the back, pet each others heads, and stick their fingers in each others eyes. Elias is waiting for the day that we are not paying close attention so that he can finally get his fingers in baby Theodore's eyes. Theo will have to learn to defend himself really soon!

Elias and Aksel playing under the table

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new trick

-Elias now waves bye-bye 9this was taken on the same day as the last post (I don't dress him up as superman everyday)
his mom could NOT be any prouder of him!

It's not a bib... my mom put my cape on backwards

My Superman cape from Auntie Sarah!

Sarah is the best!

I met Sarah at Greenville College, we both studied Spanish and liked hanging out with international students.
In Jan. 2002, Sarah came to live with me in Guadalajara, Mexico and study espanol!
In 2006 Sarah visited me in Honduras!

In Sept. 2009 Sarah came to visit us in Portland!

In 2010 she went to live in Caracas, Venezuela and work for the state....
But also in 2010 she sent Elias a very awesome bib, worth of this entire blog post.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Longs

Being from opposite sides of the state, Andy and I didn't know many of the same people before we met. Phil and Pam Long however, were, are, and always will be an exception.
We had our dear friends, the Longs over for dinner a few weeks ago, and each one brought Elias an appropriate gift representing who they are :-).We will name the puppy Pam

The Tarantula's name is Phil.
Thanks Phil and Pam!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011