Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Music Together

The day I met me neighbor, she told me of an awesome music class she and her daughter (the same age as Elias) had just started. . . . It took me 9 months, but we signed up. Elias loves music and enjoys making a guitar out of anything (his toy guitar, apple slices, tooth brushes, giraffe's ears, etc). He loves to sing!

Normally we go to a nice old church/ community center near our home. It has a child friendly coffee shop where we can play after the class (this will be awesome as it starts raining more). Since we were in Washington DC for the first week, we did a make-up class this week at a different location, an assisted living home. It's called the "intergenerational class" is an amazing idea, they invite the home's residence to sit in on the class. The toddlers make a circle with their parents, and the senior citizens sit in chairs on the sides, but we interact some and sing together, its a GREAT concept and a fun and special time. I didn't get a good picture since I was busy keeping up with Elias, but here is a snap shot of one part of the class.

He doesn't dance too much like some kids do, so we are hoping he has better dancing skills, rhythm and coordination than his parents. The first step is this music together class. The video below shows Elias playing the giraffes ear guitar and his latest style of making music...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day, so we geared up for fall (and the last day of sun) and visited the pumpkin patch for the first time!

Elias' favorite part was the tractor.
And we even ran into our cousins, Serena and Kayla!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Washington DC trip!

Last October Andy had to go to DC for a conference, Elias and I were excited to tag along! See pictures of a sweet cute little baby in DC here. We liked it so much that this September when Andy found out he had a meeting there again... we wanted to go! BUT... since then a few things have changed, like Elias is 16 months, not 5 months, he is walking and adventuring, not cuddling, I am working teaching one night a week.. just so happened to prevent us from flying out with Andy.
Elias and I headed for a cross country flight from Portland to Newark, and then on to DC at 6:30 am. No, I will NEVER do that again with a 16 month old boy with as much energy as he has. nope. Only one break down... by mom and a few more before that by Elias.
DC itself was great! Elias had a great time
Gettysburg visitor center above. The most important part was of course... the landscaping rocks. (below William booth house where Abe Lincoln finished delivering Gettysburg address)
We got to see Aunty Sally (my college friend) again!

We got to see the solar decathlon houses!

Sloth bear and panda bears at the National Zoo!

Sleep in the carseat and in the closet....
Visit Fresia, who lives in Baltimore. (my friend from Honduras)

and play, play, play... but home is always good too!