Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sweet thirty-one

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to everyone and all the nice birthday wishes!
The morning started started by taking Elias up to Vancouver to spend the morning with grandma and 2 cousins while I got to go to the gym! Going to the gym without being in a huge hurry was a special treat for me, I went to one of the exercise classes. Today, however, I am either feeling it, or my old age.
Mo and Jaime took me out to Somali food at the new Somali restaurant near my house!Then- I went to my Spanish mommy group - I love going, hopefully it will help me retain Spanish. It is also very encouraging; I have learned a lot about parenting from the other women there! I regularly thank God for this group. (as well as for my friends in the picture above)

Lastly, Andy came home and brought me beautiful flowers, and then he was going to take me out to dinner, but we somehow got side tracked in IKEA ;-) . There is soooo much in there and its so big. Before we knew it, it got late and I wanted to get Elias to bed since he had decided to stay up and celebrate with me rather than take his afternoon naps.
oh, by the way,... IKEA is going to take over the world. I'm positive.

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