Sunday, February 27, 2011


Each morning, as we wake up and journey down the stairs, we find a big window to the world.
Most mornings Elias and I stop, look outside, and tell the world good morning. Some days it's raining, some day it's sunny, some days there are lots of cars, others the street is empty. This week we even looked out at snow for a few days.

Most often Elias immediately focuses his attention the window lock and plays with it, he ignores everything else while I look outside, check the weather and just look down the street at the neighborhood. I point to cats, dogs, or trees and try and get Eli to look beyond the window and see the bigger picture. There is a WHOLE world out there. Elias is happy and interested in the simple window lock. He's not seeing what I want him to see, there is so much more that he could look at and enjoy!
Then I think about how we are often like this with God. I feel like God holds me up to a window to let me see something from his perspective, and I just see the lock on the window.
OR - maybe Elias is the right one. Maybe I need to stop looking past the small wonders right in front of me. Maybe I need to shift my perspective and simply enjoy the window locks.

I suppose it's all a balance.

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