Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the fair!

Last weekend, while in town for Aunt Holly's wedding, we went to the fair with Auntie Shandy and Uncle Brian. Mommy showed me the piggy and sheep barns, where she used to show animals in 4-H and FFA

Daddy met up with my grandma and puga to share an elephant ear.

He shared some crumbs with my hair. It was very nice of him because it made my hair smell sweet and extra shine for the wedding.

We also got to see a real rodeo.
At the end of the night they took me to see so many cool lights.
I loved the fair!


LKP said...

awesome! we didn't make it this year, since seth wanted to head to walla walla's instead. so that's where we're headed tonight it seems. :)
such great footage of some fabulous firsts! glad you had fun, smelled sweet, & enjoyed the rodeo!

Michelle in Parkton said...

Wish we were there! Elephant ear scented baby sounds awesome. Why doesn't Johnson and Johnson make that smell of lotion?

Much Afraid said...

Andy looks like quite the hip daddy wearing Eli!