Thursday, September 11, 2014

The 5 Highs of Honduras

We spent a week in Honduras last week.  It was a GREAT trip! We are SO thankful that God gave us the opportunity to take a last minute, last trip of the summer!

The top 5s of Honduras for me were:

1) Introducing the kids to Honduras and friends.
2) Meeting missionary Betsy Hake and experiencing a ministry that is so Spirit filled and God-lead that there is no doubt that Jesus Christ is LORD and does transform peoples lives in miraculous ways!
3) Hanging out at Micah Project and seeing local Honduran youth leading in the street ministry alongside with Stephen, Micah's street outreach Missionary. (One thing I really wanted to see in Honduras while I was living there was more Honduran participation in social justice)
4)Being at Jericho and waking up to the sound of Children singing praises early in the morning.
5) Spending time with Don Chester and his Wife in the picturesque town of Santa Lucia
6) Dreaming again about our future.
Elias was excite to see the house made out of dirt... the walls at Jericho Villa are half adobe, half dirt.  They built using the materials on the land! Pretty cool!

Elias was introduced to soccer (futbol)... a useful sport for connecting with people

The outside of Jericho Villa....originally a home for x-prostitutes, but now a home for their children.

Nightly devotionals at the Villa.. Johnny was loved by all the kids there

My super boys were such a pleasure to take to Honduras! I loved introducing them to that part of my life and to all my friends there!

A living room at the Villa

I had so much fun teaching an English class to some of the girls at Jericho, they have homeschool there at the Villa and one of the older girls normally teaches English.

Courtyard with laundry drying at the villa. The girls live in the back, the classrooms are on the sides, and the living, dining room, kitchen is in the front (the part you see pictured in the big building)

Jericho's kitchen... beautiful and simple!

The outdoor/ cooking area of the kitchen

a two hour ride in the back of a pickup into the city, I was glad to take Elias and Johnny in the front, but they REALLY need a van!

The technical School at The Micah Project

Micah 1.0, the original Micah House- now used as an outreach base for the street ministry and for older street boys who are too old to live in Micah

The Micah Boys all wanted to hold Johnny, but he would scream and scream- we found the fist bump was the perfect happy medium for interacting with the boys!

View from Chet's house, overlooking Santa Lucia, a town outside Tegucigalpa

Where Andy proposed! (8 years ago :-))

 The way the bridesmades/groomsmen enter the wedding
Elias chose a "market hat" as a souvenir, and wore it to the wedding

My friend Becca moved to Honduras in 2004 around the same time as I did.  She just adopted 2 babies, I was happy to meet them and catch up with her (a bit, between diapers and feedings and naps, etc)


Dayna said...

very good, sis, very good.

Melissa Petersen said...

Makes me want to travel there!! God is a wonderful Creator of places AND people!