Saturday, July 13, 2013

June in Peru

Yes, we really did go to Peru for 3.5 weeks in June. It was GREAT to see our friends, the Andersons down there and learn more about the work God is doing through them and Kids Alive International. 
Here is a link to their blog with a LOT more information about their life/work.
 A few Peru highlights- feeling my first earthquake, seeing Elias play with both Peruvian kids and the Anderson girls, teaching ESL each day to the director of a moms discipleship program each day (she came to our apt while one of my boys napped),  hearing the testimonies and sharing with the moms in the moms helping moms program. I also loved helping translate some of the letters from the sponsorship program from the sponsors and from the kids as well. It was encouraging to see so many sponsors write to the children they support and hearing that they really care about and pray for "their" child.

Here are a few pictures... its all out of order,, sorry

 On our last day with them, we went out on a boat and did a little fishing and saw PENGUINS!

 One of my main jobs was to teach English to the director of the Kids Alive moms helping mom's Program, it was a lot of fun to get to know her, as well as the sewing teacher, who teaches the mom's to sew. Above are two of our classes... with the sewing teacher holding Johnny with the hat she had just sewed for him.

 Elias and Davy Sue were great friends... he loved all three of his Anderson friends! When we got home, he said "Lets sold our house and go back to Peru to see my friends".. His aunt Dayna just sold her house and moved to North Dakota, so this would be perfectly normal to sell your house and move somewhere you need to fly on an airplane to.
 Johnny at the beach...  we were in Lima, a costal dessert city.

 Johnny and Elias watching the soccer game.
 Johnny was like a movie star in Peru... he was very popular in the little girls home at the children's home!

  Johnny (John Wesley Ironside) is named after Bert Ironside Elliot, on of the Dryden's missionary friends that lived over 60 years in Peru, we were able to visit his graveside while we visited.
 We also traveled to Trujillo, northern peru to visit Pablo and Sarah Cenepo-Torres for a few days and here is Elias eating juanes. They had 4 little girls, that Elias got along well with too!
Our family in downtown Lima right before heading to the airport.  For more pictures see the Flickr album.

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