Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Farm Part 1: Making Apple Cider

Last year our farm got a cider press, we have had some fun apple cider making parties. Saturday we had a few people over to make some cider in the pasture.

yes! The darker brown ring on the baby carrier is drool!

You can see it come out the bottom into my moms big pan. The whole process is rather labor intensive, it takes a few people to wash the apples, a few to cut, one to pour or throw the apples into the grinder, one to grind, one to turn the crank to press the apples, one to fill up the containers with the fresh cider, and of course one to drink it!

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LKP said...

i cannot. believe. we. missed. THIS!
wow. now, had you said that ya'll'd be in town AND there'd be cider making....i'd have totally canceled all my plans! ;) glad you had a blast. he's getting so big and looks soooo incredibly rad in blue fuzzy bear ears. love ya!